Saturday, June 21, 2008

how to seal your paintings with beeswax

please let me know if you have any questions!


http:/ said...

Wonderful Mystele, fascinating and who doesn't LOVE fairy sparkles, I know I do.
You presented this tutorial very, very clearly, I was glued to the screen and can't wait to try this. I begged some bees wax from my daughter's father-in-law, he's a bee keeper. But he sells it to a supplier so I don't feel comfortable asking again. Where would you suggest a person go for enough bee's wax for their projects?
Also, as a former Fire very careful guys with hot irons and melting wax. Have a fire safe plate to set your hot irons on and remember to unplug when you're done! This has been a public service announcement from your friendly Firefighter :)

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

This is a nice art experience, fell in love with WHO by Gypsy

Robin Westphal said...

I really enjoyed your blog and your art and your beeswax video. The video was great - gave me lots of good tips, Thanks so much!

http:/ said...

I just love that song too, I'm so glad I found her. Glad that you are enjoying the blog.

Trine said...

Very interesting to watch! Do you know if after you beeswax something can you still spray a varnish over it or doesn't it need it?
Thanks, Trine