Friday, September 5, 2008

coming soon...

the ladies here at the cafe are thrilled to welcome another folk artist to our table. i'm sure you've admired this artist's work before. now we get to learn more about the delightful soul behind the be unveiled on Monday!

in other news, i'm excited to begin working on a new video series for the cafe, just in time for the "giving season"! (hint, hint.) i'm shooting for two weeks time to get it up and running! i'll give you a heads up for sure! take care all!

♥ mystele

3 comments: said...

Can't wait Mystele. And I love seeing your little dolls on your website. Soooo sweet.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to see who the mystery artist is....I came here to hear the good music. I am going to turn up the volume and get my shipping done. My soul needs refreshing BIG TIME! Please pray for me. Thanks girls...Love, Jane said...

Hi Jane, I just added some new songs today. So glad you are refreshed by the music. My friend Jenelle says that she turns the sound up, minimizes the site and then gets on with her day. She is a lovely Pastors wife who lives near me.
Praying for you Jane. Can't wait Mystele.