Monday, March 23, 2009

Show us your blog continues...

What a great experience to see all of your " blog worlds" (see the post below). Keep 'em coming !
Some big answered prayer for our dear Mystele-check out her great Folk Art Show experience. Jane's got wonderful doll classes going every now and then. Click on the sidebar links for those. To add your blog to Show Us Your Blog, do so on the post below so they stay in one spot. Thanks!

If you hop over to my blog you can get in on winning a hand-painted little piece while seeing my new site called SUGAR BUGS. click on the name. Hope to see you all :)
p.s. Here's a bit of my HEARTand A PRAYER: The first song on the playlist is the song I played on guitar and sang at church yesterday (Amazing Grace..My Chains are Gone). My husband preached at a church just north of us. It was a blessing. He taught on Indwelling Sin. Just when we think that we've got sin beat it is standing at the door. We take offense too easily, judge too harshly, hold people to impossible standards while playing God, we are selfish, self centered, critical...on and on. And wouldn't you know, I sat down later that day with a friend who slightly offended me, and I instantly shot back a criticism. Don't you just hate yourself when you do that, am I the only one?? Oh, Lord to be more like You. So we must hold our tongue, forgive, and not be so quick to take offense. I say we, because the scripture says that we are all in the same boat with Indwelling Sin :(, but we can pray more, fight sin harder, keep our "armor" on and love more. :)
Help us, help be more like You.
"My chains are gone, I've been set free...My God my Savior, has ransomed me...And like a flood, His mercy reigns...Unending love, Amazing Grace".


Stephanie said...

LOVE your new cards - so sweet and they just look like springtime. :) And that is one of my favorite songs.

Poetic Dreams said...

Wishing ya a beautiful day hun. Hugs~

Sandra @ Thistle Cove Farm said...

Would that you were the only one but you're in "good" company -smile-.

Campbell Jane said...

Very nice post and a piece of what must have been a great sermon. Sugarbugs is great!

Anonymous said...

This post is beautiful and very moving. God's word MOVES us and melts the hardened heart! I stand beside you in your heart cry and prayer. I can't wait for the day that I am truly free from that UGLY old sin once and for all! The music you pick always speaks to me as well. Thank you.

trisha too said...

Pam! you have so many blogs already, how will we ever keep up with you?? at least you'll be easy to find!!


Nita Jo said...

What a touching post! I was just thinking about those times when I have reacted badly to a friend or loved one. How it makes you ache to take it back... how I have such good friends who are forgiving and loving. It's usually easier for me to forgive than to accept forgiveness when I've failed. We are so very human at times!

I'm very thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who understands our hearts at all times! And, that song was just what I needed to hear tonight. I would love to have heard you play and sing it! You are multi-talented!

Blessings & Hugs!
Nita Jo

@PrayerChristian said...

Isn't it something how God uses even our failings to remind us we need Him? I'm telling ya, I've said enough times, "If I were in charge of the world..." but thank goodness for all, I'm not and HE is! : )