Friday, April 24, 2009

Show Us Your Blog: Thistle Cove Farm

And's Sandra!

: Sandra Bennett
Blog Title: Thistle Cove Farm
Blog URL:
Etsy or Artfire: not yet and have never heard of Artfire so thanks very much.

How did you get started blogging, and what keeps you going?

A friend, Leslie Shelor, started a blog and after watching her for a while, I "gulped" and started my own blog. I had to check and my first entry was 5/25/05...nice little symmetry (of sorts) going there, wouldn't you say? Folks commenting keep me going but primarily God keeps me going. I feel I'm pleasing Him as I chronicle life at Thistle Cove Farm. I think it also pleases Him I'm vocal about my walk with Jesus Christ and give Him credit for His many, many blessings to Dave and I. There have been times people have e-mailed me and told me a particular entry was thought provoking or they requested prayer. If my blog can bring someone to the realization they need Jesus, the time is well spent. I fully understand I may never know, this side of the veil, if a heart has been touched and that's okay. It's all about Him but sometimes there's a little cranky Sandra thrown in .

What's your favorite time to create/write?

God has blessed me with an attitude of gratitude so anytime is a good time. If I'm discouraged I count my blessings and that, usually, works. If counting my blessings doesn't keep the gray skies at bay, then I know I'm weary, hungry or both. Vince Lombardi said, "fatigue makes cowards of us all" and that's true. My "attitude of gratitude" weakens when I'm tired or hungry and, through the years, I've learned to recognize the symptoms.

Where is your favorite place to create/write?

God has blessed Dave and I with a piece of Heaven on earth. There's absolutely no place that's "not good" on this farm for any type of creative work. Sometimes I'll take my spinning wheel to the sheep pasture and enjoy a beautiful day with my fur friends. Other times I'll head to my studio and listen to audio books while I work on quilts, tea cozies, etc. Generally, my day begins in the sunroom, listening to Alister Begg and others on XM radio; the sunroom is a great room to look over the valley and reflect on God, His word, His blessings.

Do you have a favorite Scripture?

My favorite Scripture is Psalm 116, the whole thing. It speaks to me constantly and each time I read it, I find a new, different meaning. I taught in Russia in 2004 and took several Bibles to give to folks along the way. The KJV was given to Ekaterina, a young English teacher in Yaroslavl, and I told her Psalm 116 brought me much comfort and joy. Several months later she wrote me to say it had brought her much comfort during those dark days following the Chechen terrorist group who slaughtered school children. Thru Him, we are all connected.

Do you have a favorite Christian song?

I love both Morning Has Broken and It Is Well With My Soul - both old hymns bringing much comfort and joy.

Thank you Sandra for being a part of this and letting us get to know you a little better. I love your "attitude of gratitude". Besides being a gift from God, I think it is also an attitude choice Christians make. Alister Begg is also a favorite Christian teacher of mine, and being Scottish I especially enjoy his accent. Old hymns, like those you have chosen, are special to me. So much to be lost when we lose our hymns and I'm so glad that you chose hymns Sandra, I had fun finding your favorite for the playlist. Now, I hope everyone heads on over to your blog to learn even more about our dear friend at Thistle Cove Farm.


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Dear Pam, you're such a blessing in my life, thank you for your kindness to me. Truly, I'm a lousy Christian...thinking here of my shortcomings...but because Jesus lives we may have a house next door to each time -smile-
God's blessings on you, yours and the work of your hands and heart.

Jennifer Snellings said...

I loved the interview! Thanks so much for sharing more of Sandra and Thistle Cove Farm with us! It is so neat to hear from other artists, especially those following Christ, and get a peak into their creative lives!

Thanks again,

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Great interview! Thank you for introducing us to Thistle Cove Farm... heading over there now to take a look.

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Pam,
I enjoyed reading Sandra's interview. I think it is wonderful how you introduce sisters to each other..Thanks!!!

Hugz Lorie said...

I enjoyed that interview. Thanks for that I am now a follower of you.
Come give me a shout out and a follow...

Campbell Jane said...

Really nice!
God Bless