Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I wish you each a very happy Mother's Day 2009. Take time to read over Proverbs 31 and challenge yourself to be the Mom that God created and requires you to be this year. And if you don't have children, or if you're like me and your kids are grown and have flown the proverbial coop, I challenge you to be the Woman/Friend/Neighbor/Grandmother/Wife that He's created you to be. Hope you enjoy my Mom painting :) Love you all!


Jane said...

Happy Mother's Day all!
Love, Jane

Donna Bragg said...

That is so funny to see your husbands site..LOL! BUT...really cool at the same time. I love Ken Ham! I love the whole Answers in Genesis series. Have you seen them all? They are awesome!

I used to watch Kent Hovind, but though he has the same information, Ken Ham's delivery is much more CHRIST-LIKE to me.

I love to read the VOM, because GOD gives me strength through their stories, and to know that HE will also give me a devine calm to handle and defeat the enemy no matter what! Also, it is a reminder to pray for my brothers and sisters stuggling at the hand of persecution. What stories of hardship, and of personal triumph of the enemy no matter the out come. Some were spared and GOD moved them on to start Churches, and some were killed, but apart from the body is to be with the FATHER, and to receive crowns to lay at the feet of our SAVIOR!!! WOW! The thought of it all! Sends my mind into a whirlwind...LOL!

Praise GOD for our brothers and sisters living, and dying for CHRIST in lands where being a Christian is a crime.

You know, it is not too far off from the States now. Being a Christian definitely is not the "IN" thing, but soon we will be truly hated for our faith. I see the growing hate for Christians...soon sister, it is coming soon! That is why it is time right now to gain strength in the LORD and spend time with HIM daily.

Wow! I think I wrote a book here...LOL!! But I too am passionate about CHRIST and his people all over the world. I love ya dear sister! I can not wait to meet you in the KINGDOM!!!


Your sister in CHRIST,

I am going to post a different VOM devotion for the next few days. They are sooo good! I hope many are blessed.

Anonymous said...


LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

I love this and the saying! I just thought those almost exact words when I saw my backside in the mirror the other day. Loved my mother ofcouse!

Lee Ann