Monday, May 25, 2009

featured artists: Things With Wings and Other Things

I am so pleased to present this next interview you haven't heard of them, you'll never forget' em! This delightful family of artists has an uncanny knack to encourage and lighten hearts through their creations. I, for one, look forward to reading their blog and seeing what they're up to. Without further blabber from me, meet Jill, the family rep for our interview, from Things With Wings and Other Things.

* when & how did folk art sweep you off your feet?

My sister and I grew up surrounded by creative and artsy parents. Our dad was a professional photographer, screen printer, and graphic artist. Our mom’s artwork has taken many transformations throughout the years – starting out more country and ending up more whimsical. She attended technical school for fashion design and learned a lot about fabric and sewing that still influences her work today. As adults, us girls gradually started making more and more handmade gifts for people, incorporating the skills that we grew up watching our mother master. Now we kind of all ‘feed’ off of each other – freely sharing ideas and techniques, without competition or proprietary. Although we do like to tease each other when we see each other showing up in our own work that “it must have seeped into my sub-


* tell us about how you've "met with" Jesus through your art.

Making art was part of the healing process during grieving the loss of our husband/father. It has become a wonderful opportunity to reach out to people and

encourage them. We use quotes in our work that have spoken truth into our own lives, and will hopefully do the same for others. Nothing has been sweeter than talking with people who tell you their story of who they bought one of our pieces for and what it has meant to them. We’ve got lots of neat stories. As for the actual act of creating – it can be a special time as well: those moments when you’re uninterrupted, you’ve got your praise music on, and the ideas flow easily – you know you’ve received a gift from the ultimate Creator who is sharing some Inspiration with you. Our youngest artist Emily meets with Jesus through her singing and song writing. She is a blessing to this family of women and inspires us to live for Him.

Connie’s (my mom’s) Home wasn’t Built in a Day
image used with permission

* what are your favorite mediums and/or tools to use?

We’re all in love with paper – scrapbook and vintage – it’s kind of obsessive! Acrylics, and matboard are essential, and good old sharpies.

* what is your favorite time to create?

Anytime is a good time, if you’re in the right mood!

Two more pieces of Connie’s:
image used with permission

* any tips for beginning folk artists?

You just have to get in there and DO it. Don’t let the idea that it has to be “perfect” paralyze you. Sometimes the best stuff happens when you just let yourself experiment. Don’t like it? Gesso over it, paint more layers, cover it with paper, put it aside, work on something else and come ba ck to it another time … Rarely can it not be salvaged.

* describe your artistic "muse(s)".

I think we’d all agree that we don’t “get” the word “muse.” We recognize that our talents and inspirations are gifts from God. We try to be thankful and mindful of that every day. As for things that inspire us? A good quote…The bible and a good study…Each other!

Laura’s Happy “clock” and Wise Owl:

image used with permission

* what are your dreams for your folk art business?

That no matter what we do, that it would always be fun and enjoyable – never a chore or a source of stress. Also that we might show the world that Christians aren’t boring fuddy-duddies! We can be crazy and fun.

* how do you manage family and your business?

We have amazing, helpful, supportive husbands and families. But it’s good to be always mindful about whether we are maintaining balance. And our kids are good at letting us know when we’re not so much! We’re very blessed to have families who appreciate what we do because they know how much it means to us.

Jill’s (mine) Dancing Girl and Longing Girl:
image used with permission

Thank you so much, Jill, for allowing us to get to know all of you better. Readers, be sure to check out their etsy shops, too: Paper Prayers and Green Girl Designs. Enjoy!!!


sara said...

Thanks for featuring things with wings. I love their stuff and their love for God shines through their work!!!

Pam Mattick Art and Stuff said...

Thanks Mystele, great interview. I've been over to their blog a couple of times today. Appreciate their hearts set on the Lord.
No muse is good muse :D

Pam Mattick Art and Stuff said...

Now I love this even more with the pictures. They do say 1000 words :)
Thanks for all your work Mystele. What a great group of women to get to know. I'm BLESSED!!!

Jane said...

What a fabulous interview! Thank you Jill and Mystele.

Jill, I love your upbeat mentality, your wacky folk art AND I am relieved that I'm not the only one who doesn't get the "muse" thing!

Bless you and thanks for taking the time to share.

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry about the "muse" thing. a muse is simply something or someone who inspires you! jill got it even though she didn't think she did. here's a link:

Rusted Wings said...

Your blog is such a sweet place...your playlist is so inspiring!
many thanks & blessings,

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Thanks for this interview; I really enjoy finding more artists and wonderful blogs that are Christ and God centered.

Heather said...

Terrific interview and just love her art! Beautiful!~