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Featured Folk Artist ::: Jane DesRosier of Gritty Arts Studio

(photo used by permission. © Jane DesRosier)

We are thrilled to welcome Jane DesRosier to the Cafe today! Jane has a well-established presence on Ebay and has recently launched her own website. When I think of Jane's creations, the word that comes to mind is "inspired." Jane's work has a deeply spiritual undergirding that comes through so clearly in her folk art paintings and dolls. Her work is simply mesmerizing. Without further ado...

(photo used by permission. © Jane DesRosier)

♥ when & how did folk art sweep you off your feet?

Gosh, that’s a hard one. When I say I paint folk art I am referring to a particular style of naïve painting with bold colors often outlined in black. I draw very much the same as I did when I was 12 yrs old. My style has developed and I have gained some techniques, but I’ve been painting the same faces a long time.

My father is a fabulous watercolor painter and he does very realistic looking marine art. I think that when I was young I felt like I could never paint as good as him or as realistic as him, so I went the other direction for a long time. Now, I find myself with more confidence and a desire to give realism a try…I want to mix the two somehow.

As far as the sweeping me off my feet thing is concerned…I have been pretty into painting since I started selling on ebay. I was so thrilled that people would buy what I painted, that it drove me forward. The more folks were interested in my art, the more I wanted to paint. I feel very blessed.

♥ what are your favorite mediums and/or tools to use?

I love wood, tin, canvas, acrylic paint, papers, clay, wax, charcoal, coffee, and rust. I wouldn’t want to be without my paintbrushes, big Liquitex knives, DeWalt power tool, plyers, wire-cutters and the computer.

♥what is your favorite time to create?

The morning. I love to drink a cup of coffee and work. After my second cup I am finally awake and am pleased to see I made something! There is something about that lucid sleep-state that is good for creating. Late night is good too…but I get kind of loopy.

(photo used by permission. © Jane DesRosier)

♥ any tips for beginning folk artists?

If you have the desire to create, pay attention to it. Just get moving. There is an incredible abundance of inspirational videos, books, classes, and magazines. These can be good resources but don’t forget to look within. Be inspired by others, but don’t try to copy them. Pray and ask for direction.

♥ what are your dreams for your folk art business?

I kind of want to move outside of ebay and have been heading in that direction for some time. Ebay has been a huge blessing in many ways and is a great opportunity for anyone to be able to sell something. Unfortunately, it seems like the second someone gets a good idea or a big sale, there are a handful of imitations up within 24 hrs and I am kind of tired of it. Other top-selling artists are feeling the pain as well but there doesn't seem to be much we can do about it. I guess it is like that anywhere in the world though. I have been fortunate to be able to sell some paintings and dolls directly from my website and that makes me very happy!

I suspect good things are going to happen, but I have no idea what they are. My hope is that I could make a living and glorify God with what I do. I know I can dream or set goals, but all too often my Father has different plans for me and I find my big ideas were nothing compared to His. I really just try to do this day by day.

I have so many ideas just waiting to manifest. I am a bit obsessed with art. Even when I am doing something else, in the back of my mind the wheels are turning and ideas are forming…I am usually thinking about making something before my eyes are open in the morning. That kind of inspiration must be God-given so He will most likely use it for something, huh? Lord help me if it goes away.

(photo used by permission. © Jane DesRosier)

♥ how do you manage family and your business?

Not very well. I always feel like I should be doing more. I deal with the same stresses other working women do who are married with children. It is a constant struggle to keep my priorities in order and manage my time well. My house is never very clean, I can’t seem to keep the flowers on the front porch alive, and my old dog hasn’t gone for a walk in a long time.

I even wanted to spend more time on these questions but figured I had already taken too long...=)

♥ how did you come up with the name for your business?

I just thought about what would describe my style and what I like...and the word "gritty" seemed to fit. For some reason I just love things that are aged, crackled, stained, broken-down, and rusty. I have always been resourceful and able to make-do with what is around me. I just started painting on whatever I could find.

I was a lost sheep and Jesus found me. He took my wreck of a life and is making it beautiful. In some way, that is what I am trying to do when I paint on these found objects.

(photo used by permission. © Jane DesRosier)

♥ tell us about how you've 'met with' Jesus through your art.

That is actually a tough question…

Any success I have is because of God. I am nothing without him. Jesus said, 'I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. (John 15:5)

I have known for a long time that of myself I can do no good. It is only by God’s saving grace that I am alive and have been given a second chance (many of them).

I guess the way I have “met with” Jesus through my art is just by constantly asking for direction…Asking every move to make big or small and trying to be obedient to his promptings. This communication is what builds the relationship. It also builds my faith.

+++Super big thanks for having me over!

(slideshow used by permission. © Jane DesRosier)

We want you to be aware that Jane is doing a series of tutorials on youtube. Here is her introduction video...

Jane is also gearing up for some workshops. Needless to say, you'll want to keep up with her! So, here are links to all things Jane :::

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We hope you've been encouraged and motivated through today's featured folk artist interview. Keep learning how to see the Master Artist at work in everything about you, whether it be through joy, pain or a mixture of the two.


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Wonderful post Mystele. I enjoyed learning more about Jane. How did you get the little hearts in front of the questions???
I'm going to ask Jane if she'd like to be a contributor to Faith Folk Cafe. I think she'd be wonderful, also Lisa.
This is great Myste,

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Wow! Really interesting and great to learn more about Jane. x

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Thanks for stopping by, Di!

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Hello, I'm taking Jane's clay & cloth doll workshop and it's fabulous and she's a great teacher. I'd highly recommend the workshop, she's such a delight! God bless, Laura

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I love her work...great post.