Monday, July 21, 2008

What's Pam up to???

Well, I'm getting along with the painting, here are some new photos (near my front door at home) and today was the exciting moment of clarity...I know exactly where I am going now. Finally I'm moving smoothly in the direction that my heart is set on. It's so exciting. There is a similar feeling when you "discover" a truth in God's Word and it's so overwhelming that your heart pounds. We bow our knee and cry, "My Lord and my God". It is sometimes almost too much, this utter love of the Holy One. When I am writing a song or painting a picture I stop and ponder, play things out, turn all the stones over looking, looking, looking...until the aha moment. Then a smile, relief! My feet are on terrafirm once again.
As you read and study the Word of God you are moving spiritually in familiar territory, pleasant discoveries are just around each bend, sometimes painful truths that you must deal with in your life are found out, glaring truth...repent, undo, do over, be kinder, help, He is the King and Creator of LOVE. We are to be His image. If you are not reading the Word of God as you know you should be, dear sister in Christ I call you to move smoothly in the direction of the Saviour, set your heart on finishing the race in a way and manner pleasing to Him...
Love Out Loud!
This painting should be done soon.
Buckets of Blessings, Goblets of Joy, Baskets brimming with Glory, Pam
Tuesday: I was able to paint a little bit in between customers today, I got a start on some of the flowers. I sketched lightly with pencil-erasing on top of the dried coffee is a trick- can you see the rest of the flowers that are sketched? It took 2 days to complete the background. But I'm still working on it, looking for the day it is completed.
Photo #2

Monday:I've been working on a large canvas piece. I'm totally inspired by Mystele's homes and flowers. (Can you tell how much I love her art and her heart :) So, flipping it in my own little way I thought I'd take a photo as I go. But of course I thought of that after I put the second coat of coffee on. So picture in your mind a white canvas...that now looks like this:

Photo #1
The canvas is quite large and it's taking on a look of leather. There is a children's song called, He's Still Working On Me.
He's still working on me,
To make me what I ought to be.
It took Him just a week to make the moon and stars,
The sun and moon and Jupiter and Mars.
How loving and patient He must be,
Cuz He's still working on me.

Buckets Of Blessings, Pam


LisaE said...

Love the connection to God you make with your ART.
Always inspiring.
LisaE said...

I'm so glad LisaE. I'll be talking to you soon more about that as I see you doing the same thing, as is Mystele and Jane, the future inteview.
Pam <><