Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Interview with An Artist...

What are your favorite tools to work with?
Pam: Good, expensive Brushes (I've only got a few...the rest are cheapies :) and I love to paint with watercolor and coffee.
Mystele: charcoal, doll house detail brushes, and filbert brushes.

What are you reading now?
Pam: Life Management for Busy Women by Elizabeth George
Mystele: reading? what's that? oh, yeah, i remember...well, i've been working on a book called "that's my son" for about 2 months now! it's NOT a long book. oh, well.

What are you working on now?
Pam: I'm working on a greeting card for Legacy Card Company. I also have a new Oz pic in mind..."Trespassers Will Be Melted".
Mystele: bringing a sketch to life of three hip little angels.

How long have you been drawing?
Pam: Since I could hold a pencil or crayon.
Mystele: started drawing again in 2006 to sketch out original patterns for my folk art dolls. i began drawing for painting in 2008.

What music inspires you?
Pam: I love Fernando Ortega. If his CDs cost $500, I'd save up for one.
Mystele: everything from opera to folk.

What is your favorite scripture?
Pam: Joshua 1:9 Because of my husbands illness there are days I've been very afraid.
Mystele: Deut. 30:11-20, and, no, i don't have them memorized...yet.

What church do you attend and what do you do there?
Pam: A Bible church. I'm the kid's choir director and I have a crochet class with the older girls. I also teach Sunday School to the older girls 10 and up. I LOVE them. My husband teaches at church sometimes and he also teaches the high school and college kids on Wed. nights.
Mystele: the church my husband "grew up" in and where he serves as the junior high youth pastor. i love to encourage, come along side other people making their way Home, through music.

Why does Faith Folk Cafe exist?
Pam: I could not find a place like this in blogworld so I'm in the process of creating it. It's what I wished was there. Walls don't stop me, I go through them. I am pretty fearless, although I can't deal with angry/crazy people. I just shut down. I want a Christian friendly site that is here to glorify God and a place to fellowship with his people. It is evolving as we go. I wanted Mystele because I loved what she'd write to people, so positive and she has such a good testimony. Always giving glory to the Lord. I'm so glad she joined me.
Mystele: to encourage christians and seekers with the redemptive love that we've received from God, both through spiritual and creative avenues. i'm so glad the Lord brought the two of us together!

Anything else you'd like to add Pam. No, but thanks for asking Pam. You're welcome Pam. Now, say goodbye to your invisible friends. Goodbye invisible friends! Until we meet again. Keep Painting and please leave comments. WE LOVE them and it shows us that you are out there.

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Hi Mystele- I've got to look up your Deut. verses now :)