Friday, July 25, 2008


hi, everyone! just wanted to check in with you. how are you? no, really. how are you? please let us know what's up with you. we'd love to rejoice with and/or pray for you. never hesitate to check in here. this is a place for refreshment, an oasis of sorts for the creative soul no matter where you are in journey to Truth. grace abounds here because we know the grace Giver.

so, what's new here? well, pam and i are excited to begin a new endeavor. we'll be highlighting folk artists who are also Jesus followers. i am so excited about our first featured artist, but you'll have to be unveiled soon!

if you have any ideas for a featured artist or would like to be one yourself, please email us or leave a comment. we're looking for folks grounded in their walk with Jesus. perfectly grounded? of course not, but definitely those who are holding on to the plow and bringing others along with them through their art.

hoping you have a super weekend of listening and growing.

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